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Money, money, money. It must be funny, and one of the oldest clichés in the book. Therefore, Moeremans&Sons introduces The Moral Auction. A pop-up auction where not a single penny, zloty or Yuan is being spent. Keep your ‘real’ money in your pocket, and invest half an hour to trade with a completely different currency: ethical values.

What would you be willing to trade for never having your bike stolen? Dumping your garbage in the ocean for a week? Giving a pack of cigarettes to a child? Would you consider driving completely wasted – with all of its consequences – in exchange for not having financial worries for the rest of your life? And what is a lifelong guarantee on the health of your partner worth to you? Sacrificing the lives of two complete strangers…? Going once, going twice, morally sold!

The Moral Auction is part of the Guilty Games, a collection of morally loaded games. Because everything is relative, except for the game. Besides The Moral Auction the Guilty Games consist of the long-expected PimPamPassion (a play on words on a famous old Dutch game and an almost as famous modern (reli-)television phenomenon), where bedroom fantasies and everything rated XXX is on the moral menu, and So You Think You Can Judge, a pop-up tribunal where bad character traits are brought to justice.

The Moral Auction takes about 30 minutes and can be played multiple times on a day, in combination with the other Guilty Games or following on one of our plug&play-shows.