Plug & Play

Moeremans&Sons developed a new form of creating theatre: Plug&Play. Literally: plug in and start playing. Why? Because we were fed up with creating and playing within a web of dependencies. Deals, rules and different interests often stand in the way of merely performing a play. Thus we took the matter into our own hands and provide the planning, PR and financial organization ourselves, plus everything that is necessary when creating a performance. This leads to faster communication, and before you know it we are back to stomping on dressing room tables, running through parking decks and singing our ways through the hallways of the theatre. Flexibility is a code word to us and ‘No Access’ areas are our stage.

The space in which we perform is utilized to its full capacity, yet never is a determining factor for the performance. We occupy the space, not the other way around. Therefore we dare to say that Moeremans&Sons is not in the business of ‘location theatre’. We are however in the business of being able to play our shows at any given location at any given time. Our sets fit into a miniature trailer, the actors themselves build up and break down the set and run the technical cues of the show as well. We make efficient and durable use of our materials – reusing pieces of sets and stencilling our flyers on old scripts.

This level of ‘Plug&Play’ is radically set forth in the cast of actors. Every actor can play multiple parts – yes you read it right: we know each other’s parts. This way we can keep manifesting our philosophy.

Besides swapping parts within our own group, there is a group of enthusiastic colleagues ready to jump in when necessary. Actors that have been working with us in this manner are: Chiem Vreken, Judith van den Berg, Floor Rolf and others. All this only stresses the uniqueness of a performance. Not only does the location and consequently the mood of the performance change – the cast differs as well on a night-to-night basis. This way, no two shows are ever the same.

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