Crashtest Ibsen: Ik Zie Spoken

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We live our lives carefully, as if we were vases made of porcelain. We avoid risky behaviour, won’t drink a drop of alcohol before sitting behind the steering wheel and take our foot off the gas when turning a corner. We busily engage in downloading health-apps to our mobile devices in order to monitor our heartbeat and blood pressure. We have an insurance for every step we take in life, hoping if not praying that the insurance agency won’t gamble away our dimes on the stock market all too recklessly. With all that insuring we forget the only one thing that is absolutely assured: that life comes with the lifelong guarantee of death. This has to go wrong, no, will go wrong one day, horribly wrong! I See Ghosts deals with our neurotic urge to control and conquer everything and is at the same time a plea for risk.

In the Crashtest Ibsen series, Moeremans&Sons – as a collective housed by the NNT in Groningen – and writer Joachim Robbrecht go full throttle when they drive the pieces written by Norwegian moral crusader Henrik Ibsen against a wall in order to reveal the best fragments of his ideas from the gravel. The political accusations of his time, the late 19th century, have partly been given an answer by the period that divides us from them. That creates a need for new questions, forms and answers.


Director: Sarah Moeremans
Writer: Joachim Robbrecht
Decor & light: Julian Maiwald
Costume: Daphne De Winkel
Performing: Eva van Gessel, Louis van de Waal, Rosa van Leeuwen, Joep van der Geest, Matthijs IJgosse, Willemijn Haasken and Sofie Joan Wouters
thanks to: Merijn Versnel, Merel Kaspers and Lisa Kaimer