A human being is a creature that gives names to the things surrounding him: a monkey is a monkey, water is water and a rose is a rose. But how can you define a human being? Is it a mammal drowning in his lust for sex and food? A divine creation with a purpose? A pile of cells with no actual purpose? A blank page? A cyborg in the making? As an actor you need to always keep a close eye on the human beings surrounding you. Because they are the object of your acting. But if you really start to think about it… what kind of human being do I represent? One from yesterday or one from tomorrow? That of a creationist or rather a behaviourist?

In Kill Your Character, four characters walk in to a rehearsal where the actors are working on ‘their play’. Confusion all around. Who of them represents the vision of the author? Who can claim to be real? Can the real character please stand up? Actors and characters battle each other in the hope of finding their true meaning. From their points of view they fire political charges at each other. All in the hope of gaining a notion of what makes us human.

trailer || more photos

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