Those who witnessed a disaster and lived to tell about will find themselves at the centre of interest at any party. In a world in which we are obsessed with happiness and succeed in protecting ourselves against all sorts of discomforts, there is MY OWN PRIVATE DISASTER. You will be the proud owner of a jaw dropping story, the witness of a truly disastrous event. Without even one grain of pain, yet with the guarantee to score with your friends. Momentarily set aside all your fortune-seeking and indulge in this grand misfortune. Misfortune is part of the game after all.

My Own Private Disaster is a 20′ performance inspired by Orson Welles’ radio show ‘War Of The Worlds’ (1938). We took on the idea to stage a disaster in a period of time that is addicted to happiness and sensation, in order to connect the need for stimuli and an allergy against misfortune to one another.

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