Temporary Utopia is back. After the succes of TEMPOPIA in 2015 we go back to the island of Terschelling, with a brand new temporary utopia on Oerol Festival 2016: FUTOPIA. This year, we aim our utopian arrows at the future. Put your five-, twenty-, or hundred-year plan under the straps of your electric bike, and that blueprint for a bullettrain between Terschelling and Shanghai in your back pocket. In FUTOPIA, future plans aren’t tested on practicability, but on desirability. The future is bright, the future is uncertain.

FUTOPIA consists of no less than 5 parts, divided by a good night’s sleep or a night of binge drinking at the famous Wrakkenmuseum. A day in the life of FUTOPIA:

22.45: Crashtest Ibsen: Ik Zie Spoken
Prepare for a spooky night, for trembling with fear in a fictional theatre fjord on Terschelling. FUTOPIA starts when night has fallen – with the world premiere of the latest piece in the Crashtest Ibsen-series. In the Crashtest Ibsen series, the plays of Norwegian arch-moralist Hendrik Ibsen are being crash-tested, in order to extract his best ideas from the rubble. As Ibsen’s 19th century social and political charges have been answered, new questions and statements can be extracted from his plays in 2016. Crashtest Ibsen: Ik zie spoken is based on Ibsen’s Ghosts.

 10.30: Kill Your Character
When the light of day has returned, FUTOPIA continues full force with the next performance: Kill Your Character. In Kill Your Character, the characters stumble into a rehearsal space to find actors rehearsing their play. Actors and characters go head to head over what they represent and which aspect of humanity they want to portray. Can the real character please stand up?

12.00: Lunch with the Futopians
Whatever the future brings, we all have to eat. And as long as that pill with all of our required nutrients-in-one does not exist, we cherish our modern daily bread, jelly and granola bars. The Futopians prepare a lunch that they consume together with you in an idyllic cabin in the woods.

13.00: Radio Futopia
When the stomach is pampered, Terschellings first futuristic radio broadcast goes on air: Radio Futopia. Housing in 2081, nature in 2112 or religion anno 2500, we fantasize about possible futures with a daily guest-visionary. Live, perfect reception guaranteed. Also available as a podcast on www.futopia.nl

Bonus: Postcards from the Future (every afternoon. On different locations on the island)
And as the icing on the futopian cake: future sketches, in the most literal sense. How will Terschelling’s idyllic Green Beach look 200 years from now? Will its famous Brandaris still be a lighthouse a thousand years from now? How many skyscrapers does future Formerum count? We create a pop-up Montmartre, where our very own Jean, Marie or Pablo sketch your vision on the Terschelling of the future on canvas.

Moeremans&Sons: Sofie Joan Wouters, Matthijs IJgosse, Nazanin Taheri Motlagh, Louis van der Waal, Joep van der Geest, Eva Meijering, Sarah Moeremans, Rosa van Leeuwen, Willemijn Haasken, Julian Maiwald, Eva van Gessel and Eefje de Visser
Stand-in: Floor Rolf
Internship: Milan van der Zwaan
Technics: Boes Diertens, Michael Yallop, Jannes Noorman, Valentijn Berkhout, Floris Vermist (internship)



FUTOPIA is made together with the Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT) and supported by: