wie is m-s

Moeremans&Sons is a collective which consists of twelve members. Originally we were nine actors, a designer, a director and a musician. Besides the artistic functions, the collective also takes on the productional and organisational tasks, ranging from technical to PR to logistic duties. Both the business management and performance sales are kept within the collective as well, thus keeping the lines of communication short. In doing so, we try to rediscover what is evident and what is not, in creating a sovereign organisation: an attempt to reinvent the proverbial wheel with a conscious naivety.

In our view this is not only a necessary assembly of an organisation, but a social inquiry as well. The collective does not decide over every detail democratically, yet the members have responsibilities on multiple levels: we are our own legislating parliament as it were.

Thus, besides making theatre, every member is also in the business of making theatre possible (*). We strive to bend impossibilities into opportunities.

(*) there is quite the punchy wordplay to be made in Dutch by deriving the neologism “theatrepossiblemaker” from the term ‘theatremaker’. We are sad to announce that this has been lost in translation.)

Plug&Play  || Everybody is a stand-in || manifesto


Eva van Gessel | #actress #CostumeAffairs #MerchandiseAffairs #PublicAffairs
Willemijn Haasken | #actress #ProductionAffairs
Eva Meijering | #actress #SalesAffairs
Matthijs IJgosse | #actor #TechnicalAffairs #TextAffairs
Sofie Joan Wouters | #actress #DigitalAffairs #PlanningAffairs
Nazanin Taheri | #actress #PressAffairs
Rosa van Leeuwen | #actress #FinancialAffairs
Julian Maiwald | #scenography #VisualAffairs
Sarah Moeremans | #DirectingAffairs #GeneralAffairs #actress
Joep van der Geest | #actor #ProductionAffairs
Louis van der Waal | #actor #SidekickAffairs
Eefje de Visser | #musician   #ComposingAffairs


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