Moermans&Sons holds their audience in a very high regard. No performance without an audience – no theatre that matters without an engaged audience. Subsequently, we see the building of an audience as a form of community building. Every night of a performance, we and our audience form an occasional community in which we – for the moment – conspire against the outside world. And (naturally) we would like to expand that occasional community. We prefer to do so based on personal contact, peer-to-peer.

That is why we are looking for sidekicks for Moeremans&Sons. As a sidekick you will be involved with a performance during the phase of rehearsals and you are representative of Moeremans&Sons in your town. If you want to become even more involved with Moeremans&Sons just send an email to Just indicate that you are interested in becoming a sidekick and the rest will follow. Or send the message ‘sidekick on’ to the number +31 (0)6  85626949.

kaart steden sidekickupdate ENG 03-05-2016

Tutorial folding technique sidekickbooklet:


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